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“My Beloved Mother” – Lady Ali Shah through the voice of her son, Imam Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan III


Going through the pages of Ismaili history, there have been countless examples of Ismailis who have inspired me with their courage, with their inventions, with their faith in our Imams and for being trail blazers in every sense of the word. Equally, there have been women who have gone beyond their traditional roles and have achieved what in those ages must have been a formidable task. Continue Reading

Gujarati edition of the Memoirs of Aga Khan: The voice of the translator and his reflections on the 48th Ismaili Imam

(Publisher/Editor Barakah, Simerg and Simergphotos; all .com)

memoirs of aga khan jackets of western editions

Jackets of the Western translations of “The Memoirs of Aga Khan.” Top Row (l to r): French, Finnish and German; Centre Row: Italian, Spanish and Norwegian; Bottom Row: English UK and USA.

The autobiography of the 48th Ismaili Imam, Mawlana Sultan Mahomed Shah, His Highness the Aga Khan III, was first published in London in 1954 under the title “The Memoirs of Aga Khan: World Enough and Time.” While the English versions of the British and American editions were circulated widely in the English-speaking world, a remarkable fact is that the 48th Imam’s autobiography was translated into six European languages as well Gujarati, Sindhi and Urdu. Continue Reading

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