The Life Boat: Our Connection to the Imamat


Elisha Alladina, poem The Life Boat Connection to the Ismaili Imamat, birthday Aga Khan, Barakah
Rescue Boat. Photograph: ©  wfb and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Attribution — Share Alike 2.0 Licence.

Why would you deny yourself
The Life Boat
When it is in your reach
To keep your faith afloat

Why would you deny yourself
The Life Boat
When it’s always there
Especially when you’re scared

Why would you deny yourself
The Life Boat
When it’s a beacon of hope
To get you through and cope

Why would you deny yourself
The Life Boat
When it’s our Right Path
Bound to save you from wrath 

Why would you deny yourself
The Life Boat
When His guidance will find you ashore
And will help your faith restore

Date posted: December 11, 2022.



Barakah and its sister website Simerg welcome their newest contributor, Elisha Alladina, a social worker, poet and singer/songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Elisha has presented her poetry at open mic nights in Toronto through Shab E Sher Poetry Night, Art Bar Poetry Series, and HOWL CIUT 89.5 FM, and in Los Angeles through Da Poetry Lounge. She’s had poems published with, Poemdemic compilation book, Hushed Heartache Magazine, Torch the Veil magazine, My Father Taught Me anthology, The Continuist, Poetry Present and The BeZine. Her poetry chapbook Internal Eyes was published and distributed in 2022.  Elisha also has music published for ABFM magazine based in Japan; her song Christmas Candles was nominated for Publication of the Month on; and her single Still Alive is now available on all streaming platforms. Previously, in 2007, Elisha had also made the top 125 on Canadian Idol and, in 2004, she was a runner up in the dance category for Toronto Metropolitan University’s Star Search competition.


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  1. Thank you Elisha for such a big concept described in a very understandable way. That’s very clever and commendable.


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