For all inquiries and submissions, please write in confidence to Barakah’s publisher/editor Malik Merchant at OR to (for articles published in Simerg or Simergphotos). Your email inquiry should include your full name and address as well as your telephone number. We will not respond to anonymous letters. We will endeavour to respond to authentic inquiries within 24 hours.

Malik Merchant Barakah, Simerg and Simerg Photos
Malik Merchant

Malik Merchant is the founding publisher and editor of 3 independent on-line initiatives — Barakah (2017) and its two sister websites Simergphotos (2012) and Simerg (2009). An IT consultant for 40 years in the UK, USA and Canada, he now engages in small family related projects and is passionate about his websites. His interest in literature and community publications began in his childhood years through the work of his late parents Jehangir (d. May 2017, aged 89) and Malek Merchant (d. January 2021, also 89), who both devoted their lives to the service of the Ismaili community, its institutions and the Imam-of-the-Time, His Highness the Aga Khan, as missionaries and religious education teachers. In the UK, Malik edited the flagship Ismaili magazine, Ilm, with his father. The internet encouraged him to launch his first website, Simerg, in 2009. A resident of Ontario since 1983, he relocated to Alberta in January 2022. He has an animal loving daughter Dr. Nurin Merchant who practices as a vet. Malik can be contacted at or

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Last updated: February 2023.



  1. Ya Ali Madad

    Can you get a copy of the recently published Farman books if you live outside Canada. I live in Belgium.



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