1. Although no words can do justice in describing the emotion a murid feels when he/she encunters the murshid, Zafeera has done an outstanding job. We are all fortunate to have amongst us a scholar who can articulate this experience so eloquently that we felt as if we were with her in the presence of the Imam. Alhamdulillah!


  2. I enjoyed Zafeera Kassam’s excellent and inspiring account of the Darbar in Nairobi. as well as Barakah’s coverage of the entire visit. Thank you and God Bless.


  3. My dear brothers and sisters in faith,

    I am truly appreciative of all your positive and loving comments. We are all one united brotherhood and even though all of us are not physically allowed in every Darbar/Mulaqat, we are part of it as evidenced by our beloved Hazar Imam giving and sending blessings to the global jamat. This means, in every Darbar/Mulaqat, the jamat as a whole global entity, is forefront in our beloved Hazar Imam’s thoughts and prayers. Shukranlillah Alhamdulillah. Thus, this humble attempt on my part to make one and all feel that they were there too – if not physically, definitely in spirit.

    Once again, my deepest gratitude to all for taking the time to read and for sending in your touching comments.

    May Mowla always keep all of us under His love and protection. Ameen.


  4. Thanks a ton for this wonderful sharing. I was at the Darbar and this article took me back to the whole hour of spiritual experience.


  5. What a gripping account, coming straight from the heart to share with us all the majesty and grace of an amazing spirit. Thank you Zafeera for sharing this precious and personal experience, I could feel Mawlana Hazar Imam’s blessings and benevolence radiate from your words; breath stopping in anticipation and sighing in gratitude; and feeling the tadap and sukoon of love in all its depths. Stay blessed to feel this spiritual connection.


  6. Excellent Zafeera!

    I was present at the Darbar. A couple of days after the blessed moment, I was trying to recall the whole sequence, that I just couldn’t with the same detail that you have. Your step-by-step account has given me something to refer to whenever I want to recall these moments!

    Thank you!


  7. The vivid account of the Nairobi Darbar by Zafeera Kassam and published on Barakah is indeed a great piece of art and literary work beyond any iota of doubt. Readers must have felt as if every thing was happening before their eyes. Beautiful and hearty congratulations.

    Nairobi indeed has special place in the heart of Mawlana Hazar Imam, and readers know exactly why. Hence he was immensely rejoyous.

    I am sure the coverage of Lisbon Darbar in July 2018, the culmination of Diamond Jubilee Celebration, will be most befitting and readers are looking forward for this treat from Barakah.

    With all the best to the editor and everyone who contributes as well as writes for Barakah.

    Rai Zulfiqar Meghani, Former Hon Sec AKEPB (P) n VC Focus Pakistan


  8. I sobbed the whole time I read your passionate account. You have aptly described what each one of us feel most deeply within our souls. Simply gut-wrenching and tear-jerking. I was looking for the lines of the ginan that glorifies our Imam “char e char e jug mahe fari fari joyu, Tere tol e koi na aave” Only our beloved Hazar Imam can bring us this kind of joy. We are indebted to you for inspiring us so deeply. Khuda Hafiz.


  9. Thank you Zafeera 🙏🏽. You made me feel like I was there in person to witness this wonderful and miraculous event.


  10. Marvellous piece Zafeera! Jazakulllah (May Allah reward you with all things good)! We are the fortunate children of our beloved Hazar Imam, and the most important thing is to share and abide by all the Faramin; the more we obey the more Hazar Imam will become happy and when he is happy you can imagine the quantum energy. The love. the successes and all the positive things that we wish to have will keep on coming to all of us. Mubaraki to you and Ismailis around the world.


  11. Please I need to understand why this is on social media, especially when they specifically requested not to do so. Hope you will understand my sentiments towards this private and exclusive Darbar for Ismailis


    • First of all this website is not a social media website, although we have a social media Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/1000fold. Regardless, in response to your concern, this website and, long before it, the sister website http://www.simerg.com that was founded in 2009, have carried several inspiring accounts of mulaqats with Mawlana Hazar Imam. You may be also interested to learn that much of the literature associated with the Ismailis is now in the public domain, and that includes Ginanic books, inspiring accounts and lives of Ismailis as well as sermons of Imams – many of these texts have been published by the IIS and distributed to Ismailis and non-Ismailis alike.

      Thousands of Jamati members are touched by narratives such as the one Zafeera has penned, and may I add that hundreds of thousands of Jamati members in several parts of the world will not even have an opportunity of a mulaqat or Darbar with Mawlana Hazar Imam. We are pleased to fill a void that has gone unaddressed since Ismaili literary and religious magazines ceased publication in 1992! Those magazines can be found today at many renowned libraries in the world including the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

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      • I agree with the editor of Barakah for publishing what he has been doing about the Diamond Jubilee celebration from which hundreds of thousands Ismailis are benefitting.

        Of course, judicious prudence and caution are needed about what to publish and to avoid backlash as we are living in very sensitive circumstances.

        I am sure the editor is aware and doing his best in this regard to protect community interest. We also have to look at the positive side – the joy pieces like this one gives to hundreds of thousands Ismailis all over the world.

        Rai Zulfiqar Meghani, Former Hon Sec AKEPB (P) n VC Focus Pakistan


      • I agree with editor Malik and Meghani ‘s reply. There is a reason why — we have been blessed with the IMAM OF THE TIME, The days of hiding our religion behind the veil are antiquated and passe! The time has come for us to showcase the fascinating and durable historical facts of our 1400 years of Fatimid history. Kudos to editor Malik for his dynamic coverage of the Diamond Jubilee!!


      • Great job Zafeera for sharing this piece with readers of Barakah. We are amazed at the way you have described the Darbar, and we felt while reading your account as if we were seeing everything again through our own eyes.

        Also many thanks to Malik Merchant, whose work I have been following since 2009. Simerg, and now Barakah, have provided coverage on many matters related to our community and our faith, and we salute him and his team as well as everyone who contributes to the blogs.


  12. Zafeera what a brilliant and generous articulation of your Didar with our Mawla. You made us feel like we were there with you!

    Many thanks for sharing your aspirations, feelings and experiences!



    • Thank you Zafeera for this priceless account of Deedar. It felt like I was present there. Read the accounts my with tears rolling down my cheeks, May Mawlana Hazar Imam bless you and fulfill all your dear heart’s desires.

      Rozina Shamji from USA


  13. Excellent narration! I should say Kudos and well done. May you be blessed with more such inspiring accounts, Ameen


  14. Zafeera, you wrote very well and we felt like we were there with you and the Jamat. What an amazing experience! Lots of Mumbarakis to you all!


  15. Ya Ali Madad Zafeera:

    Thank you for sharing your ruhani and zaheri Deedar Mubarak experience which is an exhilarating experience for all the murids of Hazar Imam . We experience the deepest experience which comes from the love he has flowing through his Noorani zaat to all who are his murids.

    Mashallah, we are his servants but he has made us his spiritual children and loves us beyond the limits of our understanding.

    His Noor is the cause of the creation so he desires to even give us his Deedar Mubarak because of his reematull alamin mercy to mankind.
    Mubarak Mubarak Mubarak.


  16. An outstanding piece of narrative that only an English language teacher can write.

    Mubarakis on your experience which you very eloquently shared with the wider audience.

    May you continue to excel in your profession. May Mawlana Hazar Imam bless you with immense happiness and lots of Barakah, Zafeera


  17. I want to highly commend both the author, Zafeera Kassam, for an outstanding and emotional narrative that has touched our souls as if we were there present, but also the initiative by Barakah.com for the unbelievable service to Murids with these initiatives which are intellectually and spiritually stimulating!

    Indeed a classic example of Generosity of Time, Knowledge and Material that Mawlana Hazar Imam always wishes that his Murids aspire to dedicate.


  18. May Allah bless you for this heart rending and joyous explanation of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Nairobi Darbar with all the details you have provided. This is a magnificent piece that I hope will be shared widely across the Ismaili world! And please continue to inspire us with your poetry in Prsiase of Mawlana Hazar Imam.


  19. Zafeera Kassam has very eloquently and in great detail captured the unique occasion in the lives of Ismailis around the globe and also the title of the posting “AN INSPIRING AND MOVING ACCOUNT OF MAWLANA HAZAR IMAM’S DIAMOND JUBILEE DARBAR IN NAIROBI” says it all. Great job done Zafeera and indeed all of us owe a deep gratitude to you. We also conveyour grateful thanks to SIMERG for posting your piece so promptly through its special endeavour, http://www.barakah.com, a website dedicated to Mawlana Hazar Imam.

    BRAVO to you and Simerg and keep up the wonderful work!


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