The Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee in Lisbon: Young and old alike must visit the “Sentiment Wall” at the International Arts Festival


Azra, Zaheeda and Cazerine — how can I ever thank you?

The 3 Allibhai sisters from Ottawa are ever so respectful and kind to me. It was a joy to meet them yesterday near the International Arts Gallery. They made my evening extraordinarily special by insisting that I visit the Sentiment Wall around 150 metres away, take some photos and publish them on Barakah. I express my gratitude to them for that excellent recommendation. One message that I could immediately relate to simply stated, “I smile when Ronaldo scores a goal.” I loved that! Another insightful message on the second of three panels struck me with the words, “To raise a daughter that can take care of the world.”

I hope that everyone who has come to Lisbon for Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee will visit the Sentiment Wall, and spend time to read the thoughtful messages that have been penned on 3 large walls by young and old alike in a multitude of languages.

Aga Khan DJ Sentiment Wall I smile when 001
Sentiment Wall Theme “I smile when…” Photo: Barakah/Malik Merchant
Aga Khan DJ Sentiment Wall A posotive change 002
Sentiment Wall Theme: A positive change I would make…Tajiki film maker Memonsho Memonshoev (centre) pictured with members of Khorog Jamat. Photo: Barakah/Malik Merchant.
Aga Khan DJ Sentiment Wall I have always wanted to 004
Sentiment Wall Theme :I’ve always wanted to…Photo: Barakah/Malik Merchant
Senntimental Wall
Close up of messages on Sentiment Wall. Photo: Barakah/Malik Merchant
Sentimental Wall
Close up of messages on Sentiment Wall. Photo: Barakah/Malik Merchant
Sentimental Wall
Close up of messages on Sentiment Wall. Photo: Barakah/Malik Merchant

Date posted: July 8, 2018.


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  1. Good Job! My friend is looking for the quote from Syrian Ismailis on Imam… If you please locate it, could you kindly post it so we could read it. It was on wall: I smile when…


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