1. Stunning was the word/thought in my mind when I first saw the logo. The same when I returned here to see the logo once more! Stunning and beautiful.

    It seems to me the artist intended the shock of recognition. He writes “I seek to turn repetition into reproduction, as an absolute rather than a pattern or style, such that its renewal is always surprising”.

    No doubt! Six different words with quite different letters are made to look the same at first sight. Lovingly integrated. Much thought and much labor went into it to make it look so simple

    The brochure, from which the content of this column is derived, has followed the master calligrapher’s impetus. The design and layout are beautiful too.

    Thank you Samir Sayegh. You are an inspiration!


  2. Hi,

    Its amazing how all the lines makes triangles yet different in every aspect. It reminds me of humans, we are made just the same but at the same time we are totally diffferent in every aspect. It is awe aspiring to see arts relation to religion and its meanings behind it all makes it much more unique and adds infinite quality to it. I am be thankful to see this all as I aspire to follow this path in my artistic career.

    Thank you


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