Diamond Jubilee of Mawlana Hazar Imam: Homage…murids’ yearning


Leaders at His Highness the Aga Khan Homage July 11 2017 Aiglemont France 3

Leaders from across the Globe
Adorned in formal regalia
Jabas and paghdis conferred
In acknowledgement, in celebration
Of service to the Imam, to the Jamat
Prominently or discreetly
In respect, in reverence, in humility
Elegance, harmony, unison abounding
Walk in procession
Along a beautifully laid path
Hard and concrete at surface
But indescribable in essence
Leading to the magnificent gateway
More than an entrance
Much more than a passage
Towards the welcoming arms

Out-stretched and ready.

His Highness the Aga Khan Homage July 11 2017 Aiglemont France 2

The gracious smile
The loving eyes
The unspoken words
A symbolic embrace
Extend a gracious welcome
For each and every murid
From the mountains of Tajikistan
To the plains of Africa,
From the northern areas of Pakistan
To the forgotten continent of Australia
Through the Leaders, past and present.

And in a majestic flair
A kingly benevolence
The Murshid accepts the Homage
From and on behalf of His global Jamats.

Leaders at His Highness the Aga Khan Homage July 11 2017 Aiglemont France 2

The raised arms of the Leaders
Carrying heavy loads
Of prayers, du’as, supplications

And unbounded love and devotion
From murids across the world
Submit their loads unto the Murshid
Whispering without words
In utter humility and reverence
Feelings and sentiments
Emanating from their hearts and souls
“Mubaraki, our Beloved Hazar Imam
On this auspicious Diamond Jubilee”

Date posted: July 13, 2017.


About the author: Jalal Jaffer is a practising lawyer in Vancouver. He has held numerous leadership positions in Ismaili institutions in Canada, and attended the Homage ceremony on July 11, 2017, in Aiglemont, France, to commence the Diamond Jubilee year of His Highness the Aga Khan.


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  1. The depth of the love for the beloved, for the most charming and the awakened affinity of the our old souls may sometime need words, when inspired to say it. Such is the knowledge that represent purity, beauty and truth. May this expression of Mr. Jaffer as well as many magnificent artistic works that have preceded it and many that will follow, once touch and rekindle that sublime connection and awaken our minds and souls to what is the truth and meaningful. Ameen.

    Should it really matter who speaks the beauty or truth? We are all present in our souls, thoughts when Mawla brings us together in His love and prayer. How could I say it should be only me, the I that consumes me as imperfect, separated from the beloved?

    In following those farman that gives us ideals, we recognize where Mawlana Hazar Imam has said that youth, the future of the jamat will come together around Meritocracy, not around mediocre ideas and its associated trimmings. It is this meritocracy of wisdom, of sacrifice, of hard work and giving back and of everything we have been, perhaps trying, but still to have done so little.

    Mawlana Hazar Imam has rendered to us the highest priority. He paid us all the most respect and expressed, greeted us at the door with all his beloved Noorani family and hosted and shared food with all of those that came to the door.

    I that limits me, that keeps me away from the radiant presence of the Imam’s grace
    The I that shuts me out to not see the welcome of the members of the Noorani family
    The I that hides the attendance of the sublime souls and those lighted ones
    The I that keeps me away from seeking the truth
    The I that keeps me away from you.
    May it be healed … so it is you who speaks.


  2. If at all Karim Ismail was right then we should have seen women conduct all the ceremonies, regardless of gender! That, of course, will never happen! Imam is always talking about educating women in preference to man if educating both is not doable, that time we don’t make use of Naar and Naari! Issue is not of what Imam thinks or what Ginans say, the problem is us, we earthlings! We do not quite know the value of pluralism.


  3. I totally agree with Madhani comment. I was so disappointed that the gender balance was lacking. Feel sad too.


    • I believe that the relationship between the Imam and Murid is that of (employing ginanic terminology) “Naar” (masculine, Imam) and “Naari” (feminine,Jamat). Gender distinctions made are a distractions from the real meaning of the Homage Ceremony. Viewed from the point of spiritual relationship, gender should not be a matter of concern.


      • I think Karim Ismail is stretching the discussion too much into the esoteric elements of the faith. We don’t have to have an inner meaning to everything. This was a case where the lady members should have had opportunity of reciting or presenting items in the presence of Hazar Imam, and I think the concern that has been raised is absolutely legitimate. It’s a simple matter that does not merit a religious explanation!


  4. I noted with concern that women were not included in any of the ceremonies that were conducted in the presence of Mawlana Hazar Imam. Surely, we have sisters who are are very capable of reciting very good ginans and qasidas, as well as carrying trays! This was in contradiction to what the Imam has been telling us about the important role of women in the jamat. They were totally forgotten and this oversight is truly sad.


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