Prince Hussain Aga Khan’s Must Watch Presentation “The Seas of My Youth” – An Illustrated Talk by the Prince at The Natural History Museum

“Prince Hussain is one of a very rare group of individuals in that he combines three things very dear to The Natural History Museum. He is an explorer; he is a diver; and he is a photographer — quite a unique combination” — Dr. Tim Littlewood, The Natural History Museum

Compiled and introduced by MALIK MERCHANT
Publisher-Editor, BarakahSimerg and Simergphotos

Prince Hussain Aga Khan The Living Sea Inauguration London Ismaili Centre September 2022.
Prince Hussain Aga Khan speaking on the opening day of the exhibition.

The Ismaili Centre, London, is host to a stunning exhibition of underwater photography by Prince Hussain Aga Khan. The specially curated exhibition, which runs until September 24, 2022, showcases the joy of our oceans. Through the exhibition, Prince Hussain aims to encourage people to fall in love with nature, make changes to their behaviour and ultimately educate others. The exhibition was inaugurated on September 6 in the presence of Prince Hussain and his wife Princess Fareen.

On Tuesday September 13, 2022, The Natural History Museum (NHM) in London explored the exhibition in more detail by hosting Prince Hussain for a special illustrated talk entitled “The Seas of My Youth”. In welcoming and introducing the Prince, Dr. Tim Littlewood, NHM’S executive Director of Science, described Prince Hussain as “one of a very rare group of individuals in that he combines three things very dear to the Natural History Museum. He is an explorer; he is a diver; and he is a photographer — quite a unique combination.”

The Sea of my youth Prince Hussain Aga Khan at the Natural History Museum
Prince Hussain in conversation with Richard Sabin

The talk by Prince Hussain showcased the coming together of photography and science in the pursuit of ocean conservation. It was followed by a highly interesting Q&A with Principal NHM Curator Richard Sabin. The hour long presentation included a selection of Prince Hussain’s captivating images and stories about the underwater world, and also highlighted his concerns about the state of the oceans which have seen huge declines in many sea animal species over the past 40 years due to human activity, neglect and interference.

The program was transmitted live, and we are pleased to provide the YouTube link to Prince Hussain’s fascinating presentation (note: presentation of the program commences at the 14 minute mark.)

Date posted: September 13, 2022.



1. Prince Hussain is the founder of Focused on Nature (FON). Please visit FON
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  1. Well, thanks Barakah for sharing the video. It was extraordinary, excellent. Wow!

    What I did understand from Prince Hussain’s photos is to note that the underwater species are all special. Thank You Prince Hussain for your amazing interest in showing the World about your hobby as exploring, diving and photography.

    Thank You Prince Hussain for your dedication and time.


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