1. The architecture of empathic pluralism: His Highness the Aga Khan, an inspired vision of architecture by Bruno Freschi
  2. Karim Aga Khan IV: Modern personification of historical Islamic rationalism, charity and peace by Michael Hamilton Morgan
  3. The Aga Khan and the Nation Media by Tazmin Jamal
  4. Not all heroes wear capes – A Christian reflects on the Aga Khan by Andrew Kosorok.
  5. The Aga Khan – A spiritual guide, an intellectual guide who is committed to a humanistic attitude that is rooted in classical Islamic thought by Mohammed Arkoun (during his lifetime, Professor Emiritus at the Soborne in Paris).
  6. The Aga Khan: From an Ismaili Muslim Imam to a global citizen and virtual head of states by Nizar A. Motani, Ph.D (SOAS).

Date updated: July 29, 2017.