On the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali, 10 principles that will assist us for spiritual growth during the coming Navroz

Compiled and prepared by MALIK MERCHANT
(Publisher-Editor, BarakahSimerg and Simergphotos)

As Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, how can we grow closer to the Noor of Imamat and experience spiritual growth? No doubt, our spiritual practices aid us in the process of spiritual development. However the fruit of that practice for spiritual barakah (happiness) multiplies many folds when we seek to apply meaningful virtues in our daily lives. These include the cardinal virtues of honesty, patience, kindness, generosity, courage, justice and prudence.

As we commemorate the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) on 13th Rajab (March 7, 2020) and also celebrate the New Year, Navroz, on March 21, let us reflect on some of Hazrat Ali’s principles that will bring us immense happiness in our daily lives as well as give us a boost in our religious and spiritual practices.

On this happy and auspicious occasion, we offer our humble and deep shukrana (gratitude) to Mawlana Shah Karim al Hussaini Hazar Imam, His Highness the Aga Khan, for guiding his spiritual children on the path of Sirat al-Mustaqim (the Straight Path), a 1400 year legacy from the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S.) and our first Imam, Hazrat Ali.


Introduction: The Prophet’s Household

To them (the Household of the Prophet)
pertain the noblest of human virtues described in the Qur’an,
and they are the treasures of the Beneficent Allah.
When they speak, they speak the truth,
but when they keep quiet, no one can out strip them… Hazrat Ali


10 Inspiring Teachings of Hazrat Ali


Commit yourselves to prayer
and be watchful over it.
Pray as much as you can
and seek nearness to God through it


Have a tender heart,
as tender as a fistful of green grass;
be not arrogant and stiff as a tree
upright in a forest.

Be as soft as silk.


Gold remains in this world,
but right conduct (adab) enable you to meet your lord.


One who is headstrong and opinionated perishes,
while one who seeks the advice of others
becomes a partner in their understanding.


One who perseveres patiently
will not be without success,
even if it takes a long time.


A tree is toppled in a storm,
but grass bends and sways happily with the wind.


The waters of a river do not turn back;
neither does one’s age.


The best of wealth is that
which is spent in the Name and way of the Lord


One who acts without knowledge
is like one who walks off the road.
Then his deviating from the clear path
takes him farther and farther away from
his destination.
But one who acts with knowledge
is like one who walks on the clear path.
Therefore, one should see
whether he is moving forward
towards his goal or going backwards


Blessed is one
who is humble regarding himself,
whose livelihood is good,
whose inner thoughts are virtuous,
whose character is good,
who spends the surplus from his wealth
and removes superfluity from his speech,
who keeps his evil away from people.


In difficult times, invoke Nadi Ali

Nadi Ali by Ottoman artist. Credit: Trustees of the British Museum. Barakah.com
A Nadi Ali calligraphy in nasta’liq script by 17th century Ottoman artist Fakhri of Busra (d. 1618). Photo Credit: © The Trustees of the British Museum.

Nadi Ali, Nadi Ali, Nadi Ali
Nadi Aliyyan mazhar al-ajaib
Tajidahu aunan lakafin-nawaib
Kullu hammin wa ghammin
sayanj-i Ali Bi wilayatika
Ya Ali, Ya Ali, Ya Ali.


Call Ali, Call Ali, Call Ali
Call Ali who is the manifestation of marvels;
You will find him your helper in calamities.
Every anxiety and grief will come to an end
Through your friendship,
O Ali, O Ali, O Ali.

Date posted: March 5, 2020.

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Further reading: Hazrat Ali’s aphorisms and wise counsels got translated into numerous languages across the Muslim world. The Kalame Mawla is a moving poetic rendition of his teachings in Hindustani. The work exhorts the believers to observe virtues such as brotherhood, honesty and generosity. Please see Farouk Topan’s excellent piece on Kalame Mawla in our sister website Simerg

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