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The Aga Khan on the importance of education: The story of his Czech coach


Very early after the end of the second world war, my brother and I were sent to school in Switzerland, Le Rosey, and after a few years at that school, a new coach for rowing became part of the school and we were told that he would also coach the ice hockey team during the winter term. His name was Vaclav Rubik, not the one of Rubik’s cube fame but rather, like the famous cube itself, a challenging influence. Continue Reading

Aga Kahn visiting the Mombasa Academy

Larnin’ in the Post-Colonial world: The Atomic Imam speaks on education

In 1957, when the Aga Khan was elevated to his role, he became a powerful and influential figure in a scary post-colonial world. Known to the media as the “Atomic Aga Khan” this young student and Olympic athlete became a beacon of strength and thoughtfulness as millions of people moved towards an uncertain future. So how did Prince Karim Aga Khan cope? Thrust suddenly into a world of international responsibility and intrigue, arguably much different than anything with which his grandfather had to cope? Read this analytical piece by Andrew Kosorok

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