Expressions for the Silver, Golden & Diamond Jubilees (and beyond) of our Beloved Imam Mawlana Shah Karim al Hussaini Aga Khan


Author’s note: The verses of the compositions in Urdu, Hindi and Arabic are given in transliterated form. As the actual meaning and feelings get lost in translation, I have tried to convey only the gist of the verses.

O Karim Shah Hamara


GIST: O our Karim Shah, you are the support of my life, The Lord of my life, you are the Lord of the two worlds. O our Karim Shah …

O Karim Shah hamara
Tun hai jiné ka sahara
Méri zindagi ké maalik
Tun hai do jahan ka maalik
O Karim Shah hamara ….

GIST: You are in my eyes, you are in my breath, I am passionately in love with you, there is no other for me. O our Karim Shah …

Méri aankhon mé bhi tun hai
Méré saanson mé bhi tun hai
Mujé ishq hai tujisé
Méra koi aur nahin hai
O Karim Shah hamara ….

GIST: My caretaker, you have knowledge of everything – that which has past and that which is to come. O our Karim Shah …

Jo bhi aanéwala hai aur
Jo guzar chuka hua bhi
Tumhi ko ilm hai sabki
Méré rakhsha karné wala
O Karim Shah hamara ….

GIST: My request, my heart’s prayer is that every step I take, be on ‘The Straight Path’. O our Karim Shah …

Itni si iltija hai
Méré dil ki yé dua hai
Ké mé har kadam uthaun
Sirat al Mustaqim par
O Karim Shah hamara ….


Jubilee Mubarak

Aga Khan GJ Darbar Syria Thumbnail for Rose Bhanji

GIST: My beloved Karim Shah, Jubilee Felicitations to you.

Karim Shah pyaara méra
Jubilee Mubarak tujé

GIST: You are my beloved and you are my support, You are my father, you are my everything. I will dance and sing so much, I will celebrate happiness of the Jubilee. I lose myself to you, I bend over backwards for you.

Tun hai pyaara méra, aur sahara méra
Tun hai bapa méra, tun hai sab kuchh méra
Itni nachungi mé, aur gaungi mé
Jubilee ki kush hali manaungi mé
Tujpé mé haari jaun, tujpé mé vaari jaun
Jubilee Mubarak tujé
Karim Shah pyaara méra

GIST: All the glory, respect and so much that we have gotten is due to your name. You gave (your) love, you gave (your) life, what is it that you did not do for us. I am forever thankful to you.

Shaan hamé jo mila,
maan hamé jo mila
Hamé bahot kuchh mila
Téra naam léné sé
Pyaar tuné diya, jaan tuné diya
Tuné kya na kiya tum hamaré liyé
Zindagi bhar ké liyé
Shukhar guzaar hun mé
Jubilee Mubarak tujé
Karim Shah pyaara méra

GIST: Your Farmans are a treasure; he who follows them becomes ‘wealthy’. May Allah protect and flourish Shah Karim al Hussaini; this has been my prayer for ages and ages.

Farman téra bhi ék khazana to hai
Jo amal karé wo maalo maal hojavé
Allah méhfuz rakhé aur abaad rakhé
Shah Karim al-Husayni ko
Jooga joogo ké liyé yéhi dua hai méri
Jubilee Mubarak tujé
Karim Shah pyaara méra


Mpenzi Karim Shah Nakupongeza Wewe

Aga Khan Darbar Uganda Thumbnail for Rose Bhanji

GIST: My beloved Karim Shah, I congratulate you on 60 years of your Imamat.

Mpenzi Karim Shah nakupongeza wewe
Imamat wako wa miaka sitini
Nakupongeza wewe
Mpenzi Karim Shah nakupongeza wewe ..

GIST: I thank you, I believe (in) you, You are ‘the Teacher’. You put your heart, you bring sweetness and hope (into my life). Do not leave me even for a second, I am begging you.

Nakushukuru, nakuamini
Wewe ndiyo mwalimu
Unatiya moyo, unaleta utamu
Na utumaini
Usiniache mpenzi, hata nukta moja
Nakuomba wewe
Mpenzi Karim Shah nakupongeza wewe ..

GIST:  God bless Shah Karim al Hussaini. You are my caretaker, you are my Shepherd, you are my Imam. I tell you, without you I cannot carry on.

Mungu ibariki Shah Karim al Hussaini
Mtunzaji wangu wewe
Mchungaji wangu wewe
Imam wangu wewe
Bila wewe siwezi kuendelea
Nakuambia wewe
Mpenzi Karim Shah nakupongeza wewe


Merci Beacoup

Diamond Jubilee Poem Jalal Jaffer

GIST: On the occasion of your Diamond Jubilee, I renew my Baiyah to you. Thank you dearest Shah Karim for your Imamat of sixty years.

À l’occasion de ton Jubilé de diamant,
Je te renouvelle ma Baiyah.
Merci beaucoup
Cher Shah Karim pour
Ton Imamat de soixante ans.

GIST: My Allegiance to you is ‘a must’. Just as I had pledged my allegiance to Allah on ‘The Day of Alast’ (The day when Allah asked all souls gathered in His presence: ‘Alastu bi rabbikum’, meaning, ‘Am I not your Lord?’ and the souls replied ‘Yes’, (Holy Qur’an, 7:172), and so it is ‘a must’ to pledge my allegiance to you.) You are my Guide and I am your follower for now and forever.

My Baiyah to you is ‘a must’,
Just as I did on ‘The Day of Alast’.
You are my murshid,
And I am your murid,
For now and forever.
Merci beaucoup ..

GIST: You are the light of Ali, (as referred to by ‘Light upon Light’ in the Holy Qur’an: Surah ‘an-Nur’, 24:35). You are that ‘rope of Allah’ (that is referred to in the Holy Qur’an, Surah 3:103). Shah Karim al-Hussaini, you are the ‘Imam of the time’, You are ‘the True Manifest Imam’.

Noor-e-Ali ho tum, Noor-un-ala-noor sé,
Tumhi to ho wo habl-ul-llah.
Shah Karim al-Hussaini,
Imam-e-zamaan ho tum,
Imam-e-mubeen ho tum
Merci beaucoup ..

GIST: You and I will not leave each other: this and here we are making a deal. I am begging you beloved, do not leave me till the ‘Day of Judgement’.

Mimi na wewe hatuta achana,
Hayo na hapa tunapatana.
Nakuomba mpenzi,
Usiniache mpaka
Siku ya qiyama
Merci beaucoup ..

GIST: Allah said (to Prophet Muhammad): “Verily, those who give you their allegiance, they give it but to Allah”, (Holy Qur’an, Surah 48:10). The Messenger of Allah (i.e. Prophet Muhammad, ‘pbuh’) said to the Muslims at Ghadir-é-Khum (during his last pilgrimage), “He whose Mawla I am, Ali is his Mawla”.

Qaala Allah: Inna al ladhina yuba’a yiunaka
Innama yuba’a yiunallah.
Qaala Rasool-Allah,
Aindh al-Ghadir-é-Khum:
Man kuntu Mawla fa Aliyu Mawlahu
Merci beaucoup ..

Copyright. © Rose Motani. 2018.

Date posted: September 13, 2018.


About the author: Rose Motani, originally from East Africa, has lived in UK, Australia, Canada and France. Her interest in cultural travel, which has taken her to more than fifty countries, has enabled her to better appreciate the music of diverse cultures. Rose’s love for poetry, singing and music took a creative turn with the inspiration of the Silver Jubilee of our beloved Hazar Imam, when she began her journey of devotional compositions which continued during the Golden and Diamond Jubilees. Her compositions are in English, French, Swahili, Arabic, Urdu/Hindi and Gujarati.


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  1. Al-Hamdullilah – Mubarak for receiving the love and recognition of Imam-of-the-time – the noblest gift of Allah – Surah 24:35 “Allah guides whoever He wills to His light.”

    In every breadth of our lives, may we earnestly beseech to experience the love and blessings of Imam-of-the-Time, the Ahl-e-Bayt of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S.). Ameen.


  2. Thanks for the gists  without which i would not have  understood  Swahili and Urdu/Hindi compositions. I look forward to reading more of  such short superb ” ROSERIES”.  Nizar.


  3. Hi Rose, beautiful unimaginable poetry. You are absolutely amazing. I’ve known you since childhood and you’ve become an inspiration to lots. Allah Bless you with love, compassion, and fill individuals hearts with such great inspiration. Immaculately given the Darja to our beloved Khudavind.🤗❤ 


  4. Thank you Rose for awakening the feelings we have for our Mowla – thank you Barakah – when will an Audio version be available – cannot wait. You’ve made Australia proud of you Rose.


  5. Hi Rose – this is a very good write up and presentation. The poetry and prose that covers the 60 years and three Jubilees is very well articulated. The multiplicity usage of languages is commendable. Well done.


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